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We can help in these areas:

You spend all your time fighting for your kids, your property and your sanity. If you want help Access Justice Houston is here for you.

Family Law

Your family is important. Your right to see your children is important. All that you've done for your family is important. Whether you're facing the challenges of divorce, need modifications for child support/custody, we are here to help you.

Whether your facing deportation, looking to get a visa, or wanting to apply for a green card. Access Justice Houston can help you obtain or maintain your status affordably and easily.


We can help you. Whether it's renewing a work permit, fighting deportation, or somewhere in between, we will fight for you and your family's right to stay here.

Whether it's a collection company gone bad, your landlord's trying to evict you, or you think you've been tricked or scammed in when you bought a service or product. Access Justice Houston is here to protect your legal rights.

Consumer Protection

Facing an eviction? Collection agencies or credit card companies hounding you? Do you feel like you were swindled or cheated by a business? We're here for you. We will protect you from being taken advantage of as a tenant, debtor or a consumer.

Whether it's a misdemeanor or a state jail felony, choosing who defends your criminal case is one of the most important decisions you'll make in your life. At Access Justice Houston a lawyer who has your back doesn't has to cost an arm and a leg.

Criminal Defense

When you face a criminal conviction, you face a lifetime of consequences even beyond jail. We will work hard to defend your rights and freedoms.

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