Why Choose Access Justice Houston?

Access Justice Houston is a non-profit law firm dedicated to expanding affordable legal services in Houston Texas. AJH serves modest means clients, providing legal services on a reduced fee calculated on a sliding scale. If you make too much to qualify for legal aid, but can’t find a lawyer you can afford, we’ll work with you to get you a lawyer you can afford. 

In Texas paying for an attorney is disastrous for low and moderate income Texans. In civil court we expect that everyone but the poorest of the poor can pay for legal representation. The reality is most people can’t, placing access to legal counsel outside of the reach for many Texans. These people can’t get a free attorney from legal aid, so more often than not they take the risk of going without an attorney, only to find themselves in a worse financial and legal situation because they lack the legal guidance needed in their case. 

Access Justice Houston is a new, non-profit law firm created to specifically serve those moderate and low income Texans who can’t find an attorney for their legal matter. We are dedicated to help guide our clients through communication, openness, and a dedication to our client’s interest. We’ve lowered our overhead and used grants and donations to further lower the rates we offer to our clients. All of our fees are specifically tailored to our clients income. 

Tools We Use:

Zapier's API

Software automation is a big part of how Access Justice Houston works. WIth Zapier we're able to significantly reduce our overhead and man hours for otherwise repetitive tasks.