Affordable Lawyers for the rest of us

Access Justice Houston is a non-profit law firm dedicated to expanding affordable legal services in Houston Texas. We serve modest means clients, providing legal services on a reduced fee based on the client’s income. If you make too much to qualify for legal aid, but can’t find a lawyer you can afford, we’ll work with you to get you a lawyer you can afford. We can help with your family law, criminal and immigration issues.

What We Do

Family Law

No one expects to go through a divorce or have to relitigate issues in a custody case. Our attorneys are here to help guide you through the process. We want to help you emerge healthier, stronger, and happier than before.

Criminal Defense

Your rights when you're accused of a crime shouldn't go out the door because you cannot afford a private criminal defense attorney. Access Justice Houston is the only reduced fee Criminal Defense non-profit in Houston. Whether you're charged with a misdemeanor, a felony, or have probation issues, our Criminal Defense Attorneys can help.

Consumer Protection

Our attorneys can help you with a variety of consumer law issues. Whether it's getting your landlord to return your security deposits, fixing a repair issue, or fighting misleading and fraudulent sales tactics.

Meet Our Team

MacKenzie Dunham, Family Law Attorney

MacKenzie Dunham

Executive Director. Founder. Attorney.

 I founded Access Justice Houston with the goal of providing efficient and affordable legal services to everyone. I will work alongside you and guide you through our complicated court system, arming you with all your options at each step of the way. 

Caprice Jackson, Criminal Defense Attorney

Caprice Jackson

Director of Legal Services. Attorney.

As Access Justice Houston’s Criminal Defense Attorney I’m able to provide affordable counsel to those accused of crimes and for those seeking to protect their fundamental rights in this country. 

Lawyers For the Common Good

We are first and foremost lawyers. At Access Justice Houston, we’re here to offer you quality legal representation. We do this by:

 1) offering passionate and zealous client advocacy; 

2) affordable rates to those who traditionally cannot afford, or struggle to afford, the high cost of lawyers today. 


Why Choose Our Firm

Smart, Passionate Attorneys

Our attorneys have the practical experience and knowledge to use the facts of your case to your benefit in Court. We're passionate at about protecting the rights of the working class in Houston.

Best Case Strategy

At Access Justice Houston, we're here to represent you. We'll counsel you on all your options at every step of the way. If you need to take your case to trial we are trial ready. We will talk to you, find out what you want, and work to get the results that are right for you.

Review Your Case

We offer free initial over the phone consultations. Please contact us to review your case and let us figure out what we can do for you.

What Our Clients Say

Mr. Dunham went above my expectations of what help I would get by email....several other Lawyers simple gave a yes or no reply, but Mr. Dunham took the time and effort to reply AND explain what to expect and what to do. He never once demanded payment of a fee to consult with and get answers to questions that were important to me...and I consulted with him several times.. not just once. A really decent, helpful Attorney.
Ray H.
Avvo Reviews
My husband and I received a wrongful notice to vacate and employed MacKenzie and his associate Doug. They were very clear in explaining our rights and steps to be taken as well as possible outcomes. Aside from their knowledge MacKenzie made sure we were capable of affording his services without putting strain on our budget. Throughout the process we were kept informed and up to date with all actions. MacKenzie even went out of his way to drop off our unused retainer at our home after the matter was resolved. We would recommend him to anyone facing issues with a landlord or other situations. He is not only extremely capable and effective but also kind and fair.
Avvo Reviews
I had to get custody of my grandson. I went to 3 different lawyers and 1 wanted 15,000 dollars down the other was 56,000 down and the 3rd was even worse. I thought I just just need custody of one child I don't have money like that. One day on facebook I saw the ad for Assess Justice Houston ... "Lawyers for the rest of us" So I text the number and So within 30 a Mr. Dunham text me back say they would be able to take my case to come in and talk. I'm so glad I did they was able to take my case at a rate I could afford and Mr. Dunham was so great and caring and understanding. He was always available even on the weekends. Mr. Dunham was a blessing to me and my grandson. So thank you Access Justice you truly are the "lawyers for the rest of us" and a blessing for me and my grandson..
Google Reviews
5 stars all the way. Mackenzie Dunham helped on two cases. Child custody case and a fraudulent criminal case. I didn't have a whole lot of of money. Most family lawyers want $10000. Access Justice Houston's sliding scale helped alot with affordable representation. In this city were people sue at a drop of a hat. It is nice to know AJH is there to provide just affordable representation for all.

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